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Arzu Unal

Quality machines and quality staff. What else could I ask for!!

Berranur Tekeci

Amazing service, amazing outcomes, amazing everything!

Rachel K.

Pain free hair removal, professional staff, recommend it to everyone..

sultan ozturk

I have been going to gultan for years and wouldn't even dare to go els were if you want results you go to her and don't look els were! She's just amazing!

Nilay Selvi

amazing service, quality products, absolutely pain free and they also offer other services such as microderm, skincare, etc. I would recommend this place to absolutely anyone!!!!!

Canan Bardan

Caring and professional service with a smile. It is lovely to be warmly greeted by the gorgeous team who go above and beyond to make the whole experience quick, easy, and comfortable.

Karina Popey

The service, knowledge and experience from the girls at MediTec Laser are second to none. The are so friendly, explain the process step by step and are always welcoming!

aleyna mimi

I get both my laser treatments and micro's done at Meditec laser and I just want to say that I absolutely love going to each session as I know that I'm going to get amazing results at the end of it (they helped me get rid of acne & acne scars that literally covered my whole face.) Also my laser tech Gultan is so kind and professional, I feel so comfortable doing laser hair removal with her. Would 100% recommend everyone to go to her for their skin concerns.

Ozlem Erisen

From the time you enter the clinic to the warm welcoming smile and friendly atmosphere Gultan is one of kind. She is honest, caring, patient and listens to all your concerns and with a bubbly personality and the chats through your treatment, you don't know how quick time flies. I get my laser treatments done and yes true to her words its pain free. I wouldn’t go anywhere and highly recommend but Meditec laser to everyone.

Tijen Sur

Walked into the Meditec clinic to the warm welcoming smiles and friendly faces.
From the minute get go, Gultan was fantastic. She is friendly, professional, knows her stuff, and makes you feel very very comfortable. Gultan was thorough and happy to answer any questions.
Definitely pain free laser, it's amazing!!!
I wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly recommend Meditec Laser.

Buse Aktepe

I am happy with the amazing service provided and definitely known to be a pain free laser clinic!!! Top quality service provided with good company and how everything is dealt with in a professional manner. I would recommend Meditec Laser to everybody as you will be getting the great service you require :)

Berra Tekeci

Just had my first appointment at Meditec Laser for my lash lift session! She done such an amazing job I’m in love with my own lashes!! It was relaxing and pain free. 100% going back and recommending to everyone! <3


Amazing service, & GREAT results!
Gultan is a true professional in what she does, very informative & makes you feel very comfortable.
Definitely one of Melbourne’s best.

Tulay Mimi

Before I started my laser treatment with Meditec Laser, I had many concerns regarding the pain of constantly being zapped. When I heard Meditec was pain free I was willing to give it a go, and it most definitely was pain free. The service was professional yet very friendly, the results of the treatments were above standard and I strongly recommend everyone to give Meditec Laser a go.

Nejla Sinecek Ayanlar

When I heard pain free treatments, I was sceptical, but I can say, WOW, it is absolutely PAIN FREE!!! Accompanied with a proffessional, sincere service Meditec Laser is definitely the best in the industry.

Zerrin Koch

Before I started my treatments I was sceptical about it being pain free and I shouldn’t have been it was totally pain free I almost fell asleep.All the staff are very professional and made me feel very comfortable. All in all, it was excellent service.My results have been amazing I couldn’t be happier no more shaving or plucking I’m totally hair-free. Thank you Gultan

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    Discover Pain Free Laser hair removal in Coburg and feel beautiful 24/7

    We use the latest equipment and techniques to provide a stress-free, effective and precise treatment in every session, helping our customers to feel confident with their appearance and easily deal with unwanted hair.

    Contact us today to book a consultation.

    Laser Hair Removal Coburg

    When it comes to treatments in laser hair removal, Coburg patients will all require a different number of sessions to achieve the results they want. That is why the staff at MediTec Laser and Beauty Clinic provide tailored treatment packages to each patient, ensuring they only pay for the sessions they need rather than a set plan.

    For personalised treatment plans from a local and respected laser clinic, Coburg residents know to turn to MediTec Laser and Beauty Clinic.

    Since 2010 we have been committed to providing our patients with the very best treatments available and delivering lasting hair removal solutions.

    Our professional staff carry the required safety certifications and ensure that each of our patients feels comfortable and relaxed during each session.

    Laser Hair Removal Coburg

    When it comes to treatments in laser hair removal, Coburg patients will all require a different number of sessions to achieve the results they want. That is why the staff at MediTec Laser and Beauty Clinic provide tailored treatment packages to each patient, ensuring they only pay for the sessions they need rather than a set plan.

    Laser Hair Removal Coburg Residents Can Trust

    We provide hair removal sessions that target the back, chest, legs and stomach, with long-term results showing after only a few visits to our clinic. Our staff will also be able to provide personalised advice on the best preparation and skin care methods our patients can do at home.

    So don’t settle for set treatment packages offered by other clinics ’near me’, call the MediTec Laser and Beauty Clinic staff today and find the right service to accommodate your hair removal goals.

    Microdermabrasion Coburg

    Thanks to our in-demand microdermabrasion services, Coburg patients can find relief from frustrating skin conditions such as stretch marks or acne scarring and help to fight off wrinkles and other signs of aging.

    Unlike many other skin care treatments, microdermabrasion requires no recovery time and is painless, with only some patients experiencing slight redness or sensitivity on the targeted area.

    Affordable Services in Microdermabrasion for Coburg Patients, from Our Honest & Experienced Therapists

    Working with our professional team means you can enjoy a straightforward and efficient process that has much fewer risks than an unqualified microdermabrasion treatments.

    For information on our selection of laser hair removal and skin care treatments, Coburg residents can call the MediTec Laser and Beauty Clinic staff today.

    Extraction Facial Coburg

    MediTec Laser and Beauty Clinic is proud to be the in-demand clinic when it comes to extraction facials for all Coburg clients.

    Our treatments are safe and stress-free, providing patients with effective relief from blackheads and acne and leaving our patients with smoother, clearer skin that will last. Contact us today to book an appointment with our dependable staff!

    Simple and Straightforward Extraction Facials for all Coburg Clients

    You may have heard people mention that extraction facial treatments just made their skin breakout one or two days after their appointment. The cause of this sub-par treatments performed by someone who doesn’t hold the necessary accreditations or training.  

    At MediTec Laser and Beauty Clinic you won’t find any of that, with our qualified and experienced staff able to provide a comprehensive facial extraction for Coburg clients who are looking for a proven and professional form of skin care.

    Lash Lift and Tint Coburg

    When it comes to finding a tried and tested treatment in lash lifts and tints, Coburg residents know to call on the staff here at MediTec Laser and Beauty Clinic.

    Lash tinting is a great way to add volume and body to your eyelashes, while lifting will mean you wake up looking like you’ve just applied mascara.

    When They Want a Lash Lift and Tint, Coburg Clients Visit Our Clinic

    Tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money on eyelash extensions? Then speak to the staff here at MediTec Laser and Beauty Clinic about how our lift and tint treatments can help you find a cost-effective alternative.

    For more information on the benefits of lash lifting and tinting, Coburg residents can call our clinic on 03 9379 3259.